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Product List

Almonard Fan Safety Net Cover For Finger Cut Protection

Almonard Fan Safety Net Cover For Finger Cut Protection


Are you tired of worrying about finger cut injuries in your workplace? Our groundbreaking product is here to revolutionize the way you think about safety

Industrial Fan Safety Net Cover

We have launched the market for the first time Almonard Fan Safety Net Cover For Finger Cut Protection, made of UV Stabilized Vergin HDPE plastic net with Quick and Easy Fixing – Opening Concept. It offers complete finger protection from the running fan.

Special Design & Customize solutions Provide for Required Area.

Our innovated product makes a 100% Finger protection from Running fan in your area. And Help to Achieve Company Safety Goal

Function and Specifications​

  • Make a 100% Finger cut protection from Both Side of Fan.
  • Easy Installation, removal and Re-installation.
  • Strong & Flexible.
  • No Risk of Human Injury.
  • UV Stabilized and rust proof, No Need to painting.
  • Maintenance Free and Economical.
  • Suitable for Cleaning by Air and Washables .
  • No More Air Obstruction.

Available Fan Size Cover :- 400 mm (16”), 450 mm (18”), 600 mm (24”), 750 mm (30”), 900 mm (36”)


Tree Guard


Extra Strong > Attractive > Innovative

RC Netting Solutions is a perfect solution for tree protection. These Tree Guards are used to provide protection to the small plants from animals and other unwanted harms.

This Tree Guard are better than conventional iron mesh Tree guard, are light in weight and easy to install.


Sheet Size

  • 4 x 6 Feet and 4 x 5 Feet (Width x Height)
  • Diameter After Folding – 375 mm
  • Color – Green


  • It’s doesn’t require any type of support like Metal fabrication or bamboos
  • Easy to install, Store & Transportation
  • Very reasonable in price compare to other type of Tree Guard
  • Attractive look & Reusable
  • Low Maintenance & Non corrosive
  • U.V Stabilized & Long lasting


Sheet Size

  • 4 x 4 Feet, 4 x 5 Feet and 4 x 6 Feet (Width x Height)
  • Diameter After Folding – 375 mm
  • Color – Green


  • This type of Tree guard are manufactured in cylindrical (Tube) form for easy installation over the metal fabrication or any other fabrication.
  • This type of tree guard require support ( like Metal fabrication or bamboos).
  • Very economy tree Guard compare to other type of Tree Guard.

Garden Fencing Net

pvc garden fencing net

Garden Fence is used for fencing to the farms & gardens because of its flexibility, Strength, and Weather Resistance, light Weight and Long Lasting and also no chance of animal hurting.

It is widely used as Garden Fence, Agriculture Fence, Property & farms, Sports Fence and Road Barriers & Balconies & Railing.


  • Width : 1.0,1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 meter
  • Length : 25 meter
  • Color : Green, Black, Silver

Agro Shade Net

green shade net

These Shades provide paramount protection to plants form the bad weather conditions and are proven to be the best Ultra Violet Rays stabilizers. It is widely used in Green House , Shade House, Gardens, Nursery, Sericulture, Aquaculture, Horticulture, Floriculture and Tea Gardens.


  • Width : 3.0, 5.3 & 6.0 meter
  • Shade Factor (%) : 50, 75 & 90
  • Length : 50 meter
  • Color : Green-Green & Green-Black

Protective Sleeve / Net

Plastic Mesh Sleeves

Protective Sleeve Net are manufactured from a special blend of material to provide soft elastic cushioning characteristics to protect the part surfaces from damage, Chipping and abrasion during handling and transport.


  • Diameter : 10 mm to 550 mm
  • Length : 25 meter or Per Cut Sizes
  • Color : Customized
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